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BarrierRain is 100% made from HDPE which is easily recyclable.


Most rainwear in the market are made from PVC, PU, polyester, nylon.  They are either laminated togather to make it non-separable for recycling, or the raw material itself poses substantial environmental and human health hazards. This is the especially the case for PVC as it releases toxic by-products during its creation. 

100% recyclable 

Please also see section on current rainwear materials

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Both lead and phthalate are non detective in BarrierRain.  It is tested for compliant to US Prop 65 requriement.  There is no need to add the cancer causing warnings! 

US California Prop 65 compliant
Prop 65.jpg

The HDPE material of BarrierRain is classified under #2 recycle plastic.  It is the most commonly recycled plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. It is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to recycle HDPE plastic for secondary use.  Products made of HDPE are reusable and recyclable.


The weight of BarrierRain is less than 50% of the traditional two layer or three layer PVC/polyester rainwear.  The light weight enable easier wearing and more convenient for travelling.  

Air light weight

BarrierRain material is designed to be machine washable for reuse.  It passed the highest Class 3 requirement under the EN343 which requires upto 5 times washing test for rainwear.   

High water resistance

The water resistance level of BarrierRain is 50% to 100% higher than EN343 requirement.  Its water resistance level is more than sufficient for normal wet working environment.  

The whole garment (apart from the elastic waist of the pants) is made from heat welded or ultrasonic seam.   Along with the elongation feature of the material, the strength of BarrierRain garment is strong compared with certain rainwear which required stitching or with less stretchable material. 

Resistance to liquid

Stitchless seam

BarrierRain material offer a high water resistance -- over 50% above the CE EN343 water resistance requirement for rainwear.  

As the whole garment do not have stitch holes, the risk of rain seeping through the seams are low.  In fact the water resistance of the BarrierRain seams is also over 50% higher than CE EN343 seam requirement.  

BarrierRain seam without stitching
Traditional PE/PVC material with stitched taped seam


BarrierRain seam without stitching

Traditional PET/PVC rainwear with stitched taped seams  

Fuel and oil

BarrierRain provides optimal water protection under the contact of fuel and oil.  It passed the EN343 test for the influence of fuel and oil with a Class 3 rating.  The test required the material to be immersed in oil and fuel for 60 mins before testing for its water resistance.   With that, its applicable for regular industrial use.  

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