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Rainwear materials in the market

There are many types of rainwear materials in the market.   One approach is to classify them by their construction.  

01/  Multi-layer fabrics

These involve a base material being laminated or coated with another water resistant material.   

Normal base materials include -- nylon, polyester, cotton 

Laminate or coat materials -- PVC, PU 

These type of fabric normally involves many a number of different materials bonded togather.  These materials normally cannot be recycled togather.  However, it is also very difficult to separate these materials in the fabric for separate recycling.  

Beaulieu extrusion coating and laminatin

The construction of these type fabric renders

it very difficult for recycling.  

02/ Single layer fabrics

PVC or PU fabrics dominate this segment of the market.  The durability and water resistance level of this type of fabric depend on the quality of the material used and its thickness.  Although this type of fabric is made of a single material, both of these raw materials are not environmental friendly. 


The raw materials used in this type of fabric

are normally not easily recyclable 

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